Business Inteligence Engine

The Business Intelligence Platform gives Value to your Decisions

The new Business Intelligence Platform from ThinkRIT comes to support your strategies as well as your daily small and big decisions regarding the Present and Future of your Business.  By carefully reading the course of your business over time, by analyzing the historical data in depth of the years, while documenting and informing you in real time of every detail in daily basis each moment of the day so that you are always ahead of the market changes.

In the modern era where speed is the key ingredient of a successful and effective decisions you need ThinkRIT Business Intelligence Platform. The new service built on two pillars designed and developed entirely by ThinkRIT. Two Decades of experience in the Automotive sector are applied through a completely new look and approach to the collection, organization and analysis of the data collected daily within your business. With the help of Microsoft’s most modern POWER BI technology, ThinkRIT brings you closer to the most modern form of analyzing a company’s data operations.

The new Business Intelligence service thanks to its first pillar consisting of the now mature neuro communication and integration technology manages to simplify, making the difficult and complex data exchange scheme of different technologies seem a simple and easy affair.  Speed, flexibility and economy are the most basic advantages resulting from the use of neuro technology.

For us at ThinkRIT you are the decision maker, thanks to the development of the second pillar of the Business Intelligence service we bring you the same simplicity and ease information about your recorded data  a decade ago or a day or even an hour ago so that you can decide by having a complete analysis of your company’s data through unique and dynamic comparison models of every detail in values of your business.

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