Cloud Services

ThinkRIT has created an integrated world of cutting-edge tech solutions, bringing the services of the future to our customers, today. Any modern business can now have access to the smart competitive advantage of making the most of cloud computing, in a strategic and flexible manner. On a global scale, the cloud is establishing a new business model, revolutionising the structures and methods through which IT infrastructures were once traditionally accessed by businesses (on the levels of hardware and software alike).

Building upon many years of experience and a range of certified consultancy services, ThinkRIT is able to target each and every business, and customise precious technological infrastructures and apps into a true investment on the cloud. Therefore, all of our partners are offered the same smart leverage for development and higher performance of services but, instead of a fixed price, they only pay according to use. This scheme minimises the traditionally high expenditure for hardware and software ownership and maintenance. At the same time, it ensures extremely favourable terms on specific service-level agreements (SLA), providing excellent availability of those technological infrastructures which are in high demand these days, but usually too costly to obtain. Our solutions are provided as services (Infrastructure as a Service / Software as a Service); no hardware purchase or installation needed. The fees for each service are calculated and paid on a monthly basis, always according to use.

Using cloud services for businesses, ThinkRIT offers a range of online solutions based on continuous IT infrastructure support, accessed directly through handy tools for use, monitoring, and management. Clients need as little as a username and password to gain access to any service they consider relevant to their daily needs. Access to Cloud apps is supported within the limits of the Greek territory, without any time limitations. Executives and employees have direct Internet access to the apps and data they need at any given time, on any device (PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.), with absolute flexibility and security.

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